Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas is a special because evreyone gets a present from santa and its cool because 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

we need to learn to swim because if we swim out to the ocean then we might drown and we wont know how get back to land its also unsafe because we can be attacked by a shark or a jellyfish its unsafe or you will be taken in a rip its fun at the beach but scary 

Monday, November 14, 2016

 dog - made up 

As i walk around well my owner is gone i feel like they left me alone for the day my name is phoenix the ginger brown dog i was left alone so i got my glasses and my dog hat and went out side all my dog friends were there we played loud music and we all had glasses on i started feeling happy now.We eat our dog food and after an hour we went for a swim in the bath.

we went outside to go on the dog swing that we made for all of us all we swing on it and jump onto the slide and fall into the pool for a big swim because when my owner gets home it will be all clean and they think that the music is the loud next door people are playing loud music because it comes from there they arrive back and i sit at the door and wait for them to come with treats for me. i go to the back and share it with my friends it is always biscuits they know i have friends so they give me a bag for me and my friends as i do it tastes yummier and made me happier and my friends happier they let them come in all the time so i bark thank you .

I got to bed in the lounge with all five of them and i go to sleep in the morning.